Promotion Dates: 3/4/22 – 4/30/22

Thank you for your interest in MICHELIN® Motorcycle and Bicycle Tires! During this special promotion you can get up to a $50 rebate on select sets of MICHELIN® Motorcycle tires or a $30 rebate on select MICHELIN® Bicycle tires. To receive your rebate redemption code, please complete the brief survey below. Your rebate code will sent to the email address you provide after you submit your answers to the survey.

To Take Advantage of this Special Rebate Offer:

  1. Complete and submit the survey below.
  2. Receive your rebate redemption code at the email address you provide below.
  3. Purchase tires at any MICHELIN® tire retailer from 3/4/22 – 4/30/22.
  4. Submit your claim at before 5/31/22, using the rebate redemption code you received via email.

For complete details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions following the survey form below.

Full Terms & Conditions

Offer valid for residents of the United States only who purchase from a participating dealer located in the fifty (50) United States, District of Columbia and U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands (“U.S.”). Purchase must be completed between 3/4/2021 and 4/30/2022. Limit of one (1) redemption request ($50 or $30 Visa® Reward Card) per purchase of a set of two (2) (one front and one rear tire) of the following new select MICHELIN® motorcycle and scooter tires or select MICHELIN® bicycle tires. $50 Visa® Reward Card per purchase of a set of two (2) (one front and one rear tire) of the following new select MICHELIN® motorcycle tires: MICHELIN® Anakee® Adventure, MICHELIN® Anakee® III, MICHELIN® Anakee® Wild, MICHELIN® Commander® II, MICHELIN® Commander® III Cruiser, MICHELIN® Commander® III Touring, MICHELIN® Pilot® Activ , MICHELIN® Pilot® Power, MICHELIN® Pilot® Power 2CT, MICHELIN® Pilot® Power 3, MICHELIN® Pilot® Road 2, MICHELIN® Pilot® Road 4, MICHELIN® Pilot® Road 4 GT, MICHELIN® Pilot® Street Radial, MICHELIN® Power 5, MICHELIN® Power Cup 2, MICHELIN® Power Cup Evo, MICHELIN® Power GP, MICHELIN® Power Performance Cup Medium, MICHELIN® Power Performance Cup Soft, MICHELIN® Power Performance Slick Medium, MICHELIN® Power Performance Slick Soft, MICHELIN® Power Rain, MICHELIN® Power Slick 2, MICHELIN® Power Super Moto, MICHELIN® Power Super Moto Rain, MICHELIN® Road 5, MICHELIN® Road 5 GT, MICHELIN® Road 5 Trail, MICHELIN® Road 6, MICHELIN® Road 6 GT, MICHELIN® Road Classic, MICHELIN® Scorcher® 11, MICHELIN® Scorcher® 21, MICHELIN® Scorcher® 31, MICHELIN® Scorcher® 32, or MICHELIN® Scorcher® Sport tires. $30 Visa® Reward Card per purchase of a set of two (2) (one front and one rear tire) of the following new select MICHELIN® scooter tires or MICHELIN® bicycle tires: MICHELIN® AC10® , MICHELIN® Bib Mousse, MICHELIN® Bopper®, MICHELIN® City Grip, MICHELIN® City Grip 2, MICHELIN® COUNTRY GRIP’R, MICHELIN® COUNTRY GRIP’R TS, MICHELIN® COUNTRY MUD, MICHELIN® COUNTRY ROCK, MICHELIN® COUNTRY TRAIL, MICHELIN® COUNTRY’J, MICHELIN® CYCLOCROSS JET, MICHELIN® Desert Race, MICHELIN® Desert Race Baja, MICHELIN® DH MUD, MICHELIN® DH22, MICHELIN® DH34, MICHELIN® DH34 BIKE PARK, MICHELIN® DYNAMIC CLASSIC FOLDABLE BEAD, MICHELIN® DYNAMIC CLASSIC WIRE BEAD, MICHELIN® DYNAMIC SPORT FOLDABLE BEAD, MICHELIN® DYNAMIC SPORT WIRE BEAD, MICHELIN® Enduro Medium, MICHELIN® Enduro Xtrem®, MICHELIN® E-WILD FRONT, MICHELIN® E-WILD REAR, MICHELIN® FORCE, MICHELIN® FORCE AM COMPETITION LINE, MICHELIN® FORCE AM PERFORMANCE LINE, MICHELIN® FORCE AM2 COMPETITION LINE, MICHELIN® FORCE XC COMPETITION LINE, MICHELIN® FORCE XC PERFORMANCE LINE, MICHELIN® FORCE XC2 PERFORMANCE LINE, MICHELIN® FORCE XC2 RACING LINE, MICHELIN® JET XC2, MICHELIN® JET XCR, MICHELIN® LITHION2, MICHELIN® MUD ENDURO, MICHELIN® PILOT PUMP, MICHELIN® PILOT SLOPE, MICHELIN® PILOT SX , MICHELIN® PILOT SX SLICK, MICHELIN® Pilot® Road 4 Scooter, MICHELIN® POWER ALL SEASON, MICHELIN® POWER COMPETITION, MICHELIN® POWER COMPETITION TUBULAR, MICHELIN® POWER CUP, MICHELIN® POWER CUP TLR, MICHELIN® POWER CUP TUBULAR, MICHELIN® POWER CYCLOCROSS JET, MICHELIN® POWER CYCLOCROSS JET TUBULAR, MICHELIN® POWER CYCLOCROSS MUD, MICHELIN® POWER CYCLOCROSS MUD TUBULAR, MICHELIN® POWER GRAVEL, MICHELIN® POWER PROTECTION +, MICHELIN® Power Pure SC, MICHELIN® POWER ROAD, MICHELIN® POWER ROAD TLR, MICHELIN® POWER TIME TRIAL, MICHELIN® PROTEK, MICHELIN® PROTEK CROSS, MICHELIN® PROTEK CROSS MAX, MICHELIN® PROTEK MAX, MICHELIN® PROTEK URBAN, MICHELIN® Reggae®, MICHELIN® ROCK R2 ENDURO FRONT, MICHELIN® ROCK R2 ENDURO REAR, MICHELIN® S1, MICHELIN® S83®, MICHELIN® StarCross® 5 Hard, MICHELIN® StarCross® 5 Medium, MICHELIN® StarCross® 5 Mini, MICHELIN® StarCross® 5 Sand, MICHELIN® StarCross® 5 Soft, MICHELIN® STARGRIP, MICHELIN® Trial Light, MICHELIN® Trial X Light Competition, MICHELIN® WILD, MICHELIN® WILD AM COMPETITION LINE, MICHELIN® WILD AM PERFORMANCE LINE, MICHELIN® WILD AM2 COMPETITION LINE, MICHELIN® WILD ENDURO FRONT GUM-X COMPETITION LINE, MICHELIN® WILD ENDURO FRONT MAGI-X COMPETITION LINE, MICHELIN® WILD ENDURO FRONT RACING LINE, MICHELIN® WILD ENDURO REAR COMPETITION LINE, MICHELIN® WILD ENDURO REAR RACING LINE, MICHELIN® WILD GRIP’R2 COMPETITION LINE, MICHELIN® WILD MUD, MICHELIN® WILD RUN’R PERFORMANCE LINE, MICHELIN® WILD XC PERFORMANCE LINE or MICHELIN® WILD XC RACING LINE tires. Limit of three (3) redemptions per household. Must be at least 18 years of age or older at the time of purchase to be eligible. All requests must be received by 5/31/2022. Please allow four (4) to six (6) weeks for delivery of the $30 or $50 Visa® Reward Card via mail. Offer code is required for submission to be validated. Offer code expires 4/30/2022 and purchases must be complete before expiration. Sales to Original Equipment manufacturers, fleets, wholesalers, business accounts and purchases for resale are not eligible for this promotion. Original Equipment tires DO NOT qualify. Tampering with, altering or falsifying purchase information constitutes fraud. All decisions made by Michelin® (or its authorized representatives) relating to the validity of any submissions are final and binding. This promotion is subject to all federal, state, territorial, provincial and local laws and regulations. Michelin® reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer, products and/or services at any time for any reason. No cash refunds. Please retain copies of the materials you submit. All requests become the property of Michelin North America, Inc., and will not be returned. Michelin® is not responsible for any lost, late, stolen, damaged, misdirected, incomplete, incorrect or illegible mail. No postage-due requests. For questions regarding this promotion, please call 1-833-235-1062 Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. ET. Please reference the 2022 Michelin Two Wheel Daytona Bike Week Event Promotion when calling. Offer may not be assigned, traded, sold or combined with any other Michelin® offer. THIS OFFER IS NOT VALID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW.

Michelin® Visa® Reward Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. No cash access. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. The Bancorp Bank does not endorse or sponsor and is not affiliated in any way with any product or service offered by Michelin®.

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